It’s been a while since our last Gaming Photography blog, and while they were previously every month with a selection of screenshots from the various games that we’d been playing, we’ve decided to take a new approach. From this point, we will experiment with publishing themed posts, either around locations, games or photographic styles. For example, in this post we’re featuring London, as beautifully realised in last year’s Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate.

Early in the game you enter London on a steam train, and this shot introduces the London skyline which you’ll be exploring in much closer detail later on. You can see Big Ben and St Paul’s Cathedral in the distance – 2 of the largest buildings in the game which will be a constant feature.

Here is a closer look at the streets surrounding St Paul’s Cathedral. I was constantly amazed at the level of detail put into the city during my playthrough of the game.

It’s not just the streets themselves that are highly detailed however – they’re filled with a variety of horses and carriages, and people going about their daily lives.

It’s not all glamorous locations though. London’s poorer districts are also featured, although the game’s lovely ambient lighting and dynamic day/night cycle give a warm glow to even the lowliest of slums.

London is also well-known for its green spaces, many of which also make their way into the game. At certain times of day the lighting engine really brings out the relaxing feeling of a summer evening stroll.

With such nice lighting during the day, you’d forgive the game for looking a little more plain at night. However, the atmosphere of London still really shines from the few gas lamps lining the streets.

There’s always the moon too, to add a little ambience. Here the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral towers above the billowing chimneys on the rooftops.

Occasionally the game will take you on a mission inside a building, which as you can see above, can be just as intricately detailed.

So the city looks good, the lighting looks good, what else is there to complete the scene? The sky. As you can see above, the sky can be just as dramatic as the events that take place beneath it. History buffs may be questioning why Tower Bridge is featured when it wasn’t constructed until 20-30 years after the game takes place, to which I say play the game and all will become clear!

That’s just a very brief glimpse of the London in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. The city is as vast as it is detailed, which is quite a feat. With the franchise taking a year off in 2016, who knows how high the next instalment will raise the bar? Keep an eye on our blog for future game photography pieces – there’s a lot of great-looking games coming out over the next few months. From the phenomenal-looking Uncharted 4 to the stylistic and unique No Man’s Sky, we can’t wait to get snapping.

By Ben