iart (iart.ch/en) have developed a unique kinetic interactive facade for next month’s Winter Olympics on behalf of Russian telecom operator MegaFon. Hoping to grab audience attention at their pavilion on the Olympic Park in Sochi, the facade will display 3D portraits of visitors and sports fans in the park, for twenty seconds each. The facade can be extended up to eight meters and is similar to a giant pin screen. Technology of this kind has never been seen on such a large-scale before.

This got me thinking about whether or not this technology could be manufactured on a smaller scale for eye-catching in-store POS and outdoor experiential displays. The possibilities are endless. Combine this with some augmented reality and it has all the hallmarks for creating great shareable content, bringing brands to life, using customers’ faces as they create ‘selfies’ with the tech and upload it to their favourite sites.

Watch this space and we’ll see where the technology takes us…