We’re always running out of time. But 2016 is officially a LEAP YEAR! That means, on Monday, we will all be given an extra day upon which to do something amazing. So don’t waste it. Time is too precious! This week’s ‘Top 5 on Friday’ is our list of ideas to help you make the most of this bonus day.

5. Something new

According to , one way to slow down time is to do something new. We recommend fly-boarding!

4. Time Travel

Take a boat trip up the Thames to visit the home of time: Greenwich Meridian Line

3. Dress Up

Hold a leap year themed fancy dress party.  Possibly listening to Lady Gaga. And dressing up as frogs. 

2. Disconnect from the Matrix

Turn off all digital items and remind yourself how good it feels to unplug for a while. Chill out, pour your creative energies into some satisfying crafting, baking, or indulge in other simple analogue activities, like getting some actual face time with some of your favourite real life human beings.

1. Declutter

Put the time to good use by having a life affirming declutter day with the help of Marie Kondo’s “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying.” When you’ve finished, don’t thank us, thank your socks.

By Suzy